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As a business owner, one of your priorities is growing your business but it can be challenging. In the beginning, you might not have the fund for a big marketing campaign or have a problem focusing on your growth as you have other things to manage. So what can you do if you find yourself in these situations? What can you do to grow your business and boost your sales? The answer is growth hacking. Growth hacking is the process of using a creative, high speed, low-cost marketing strategy to boost the growth of your business.

Growth hacking focuses on the use of innovative experience such as content marketing, posting on Facebook, referrals, emails, and many more to extract marketing insight from data in the digital market. Also, growth hacking works when software engineers, marketing departments, and data analysts work together to achieve a common goal. Read on as Mayur Rele, a specialist in cloud automation and cybersecurity, who also as vast experience in overseeing global technology and e-commerce explains how to grow your business with growth hacking.

Make use of referral

Referrals have been a buzzword in the digital marketing world today. It is very important and effective in the growth of a business. People often listen to their friend’s and family’s opinions before they listen to any brand. One of the most successful companies that use referrals to boost their growth is PayPal. The beginning was tough for the company as they have to convince people that its safe to pay and transfer money online. Their referral program completely increases the growth of the company and they are now used all over the world.

Prioritize content marketing

Research has shown that content marketing is sixty-five percent cheaper than traditional marketing and it also generates more lead. Therefore, it has an important tool for every small business. Your marketing content must be very engaging, useful, and be able to captivate your target audience. This will help build a relationship with your customers and also give your business a great image

Make use of images

Image captivates the attention of readers and research has shown that content with pertinent images has more views than the ones with no image. Also, visual content is shared more on social media than other types of content. This shows the importance of adding images to your content.

Ask for reviews and tags

Reviews and tags are very important for every growing business. It helps to market your business, build customer loyalty, and also gives social proof. When people see that there is a lot of buzz about your product and services, they will be left with no choice than to solicit for your product and services.

Welcome your new customer

Nothing beats a great welcoming note. “We all feel special and impressed when we are welcomed. Always send a welcoming email to your new customer, answer their questions, and thank them for patronizing your business,” says Mayur Rele. “To stand out among other business owners, you can impress your customer by sending them a handwritten note,” Mayur adds.

Offer your visitors coupons

Offering your new customer and visitors coupons on their purchase encourages them to buy your product. It also helps you to get their email address which subsequently builds your email list. We all love good deals therefore, everyone will fall for it. Also, the use of exit- intent pop up is a great way to get the attention of your visitor. The exit-intent pop helps you track the movement of everyone on your website and offers the coupon to them when they are about to leave.

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Mayur Rele | Smartphones Cybersecurity Loopholes

Mayur Rele: The Smartphone is a gadget one cannot contemplate living without! You need it to set alarms in the morning, set reminders for appointments, receive notifications on the nearest coffee shops, catchup with your friends after work, pay electricity bills, do some shopping and book a doctor’s appointment. Many are also using the Smartphone for business like making orders and paying for transactions made. It has become a necessity rather than a luxury, you can’t miss it in your pocket, briefcase or handbag.

Mobile social networking applications in most cases lack Technical security measures like firewalls, encryption and antivirus found in Personal Computers. Unfortunately, many users are unaware of such shortcomings and they are reluctant to activate the Antiviruses which come with new gadgets. According to Mayur Rele As a result, smartphone users have become an easy target to Cyber-attacks especially Hacking.

Here is a list of 5 common Smartphone threats you need to be careful about.

1Riskware apps

These are free mobile apps available on the internet. Users unknowingly grant them permission in their gadget posing a threat to unintentional data leakage. To be safe, install only the apps you are sure of and that you need from a credible source. Avoid malicious malware.

2Free Wi-Fi networks

 Such networks are available in public places and they are tempting for anyone to log in. They are unsecured and very prone to cyber-attacks. Never use them to access personal data or make financial transactions, your credentials like passwords and bank details can easily be stolen. If possible, avoid them at all cost and use trusted Wi-Fi networks.

3. Spoofing

 This is a cyber-attack from a fake access point posing as a Wi-Fi supplier but they are actually trapped to unsuspecting Smartphone users. They are common in high traffic areas like Clubs, Colleges, libraries and busy transport Terminus. Mobile users are extremely vulnerable as confidential information can be stolen and contents in personal accounts read in real-time. The requirement is users to open an account in order to access the free Wi-Fi, they then target the email and password submitted as users are likely to use a single email for multiple accounts. To protect your personal information, never click on unfamiliar links, or if possible, avoid such untrusted networks.

4.Weak Encryption

Mobile phone application makers can code a weak application that is susceptible to attacks. Insecure applications make mobile users vulnerable to numerous Cyber-attacks as criminals can easily by-pass with no firewalls installed to access personal data or steal passwords.


 These are spying or stalking applications installed in a Smart phone by family members, spouses or the employer without the owner’s consent in order to keep track of their whereabouts or activitiesThey are not easily noticeable but they can be detected with a malware detection suite. To avoid that, keep your gadgets to yourself and always take note of who has access to the phone.

What can you do to avoid such attacks?

Mayur Rele says, always use reliable and Secure Wi-Fi networks, keep an account of who have an access to your Smartphone at all times, and also have your gadget occasionally scanned by professionals to detect any suspicious spyware. Finally, conduct due diligence and understand the nature of mobile phone threats to make yourself secure.

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