5 Top Photography Hacks with Mayur Rele

They say a man photographs that which he holds dear to his heart. To some it’s a beloved one, without whom life would just be an incomplete journey, or a piece of nature that intrigues them enough to the point of always eyeing it like the most precious out gem of all, or maybe it’s something in the dark that mysteriously draws you over towards it, like a lake of ice, nothing but danger yet it’s anxious and enchanting calls are worth the risk or on the quite contrary, the light that fills you with thoughts of a beautiful future, that ignites a new spark of fresh hope. Whatever it may be that catches your eye to the point it becomes a reflection of you, capturing it with your lenses and eyes is something that should hint you towards a side of yourself you never knew about- a photographer….

However, it can be quite a task when questioning yourself if photography is for you. For this very reason, with Mayur Rele who’s at the top of his game and owning the league in it all, is here to tell you if photography might be ‘your thing’.

1. You feel incomplete without a camera

Just out for some fresh air, feeling the wind caress your hair and filling your lungs with a new breath, the cool breeze envelopes you in a hug as you look towards the open skies, how could this not be inspiring enough to not capture the whole aura and beauty? Working on some reports in the café and it’s too tempting not to photograph that one lady who caught your eyes, identical to any other stranger yet so different. It feels incomplete to not click a picture. In fact you can feel the itch in your own hands fighting to get the camera. And when it doesn’t reach you, you can feel your heart sinking, the joy seeping out and disappointment approach you. By now, everyone knows you have a camera with you, ALWAYS and when you don’t, you feel incomplete.

2. Makeshift is Your Greatest Weapon

Okay, just the love of photography in you isn’t convincing enough to get a professional camera yet. There’s absolutely no way you could get your hands onto professional equipment as much as you’d like to, but that doesn’t limit you. Natural lighting, the right angles, perfect timing, and the scene scape is enough to give you the perfect click. You, somehow, make the best of what you have which doesn’t only make it work but rather work flawlessly to the point of perfection.

3. Literally Everything Inspires You

Alright, so that dying plant in the corner, it’s not it to you. It’s the portrayal of hope running out. How about your nephew’s toy truck he doesn’t play anymore. It’s a symbol of abandonment to you. Whatever it is, an unfinished artpeice, empty building, an empty street, even the box of cat litter, everything inspires you a bit too much. You want the world to feel the same emotion you felt while photographing it, even their own ones, to lead to a new storyline. Oh, and we’re not fibbing around with this one.

4.ZERO CAMERA BATTERY = mental, physical, emotional breakdown

Silent regrets for not recharging the battery, shrieks of frustration on battery running out a second before ‘the click’, disappointed, overwhelmed, and the feeling of purposelessness. Even though they may sound like a stretch to non-photographers, this is exactly what it feels like to the ones whose veins flow with a burning passion and devotion to photography, when the camera battery bails out on you.

5. YOU have an unlikely love for lenses, shutter sounds and camera designs

That pretty much sums it up. Like a man drunk in love, who notices the smallest things about the love of his life, smiles at the simple thought of here taking a stroll in the garden or her adjusting a rose in her hair, everything about photography psyches you out. Yup, even though you look like a psychopath trying to inhale the smell of your new camera, or dramatically wiping your tear and applauding on hearing the new features, it isn’t quite unusual to you.

If 14-year-olds with fancy equipment who only click selfies and your neighbor who insists photography isn’t a real career are on your hit list, you know what it means. Time to top the news headlines, I mean respond to your feelings for photography and confessing them by devoting yourself to it.

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Mayur Rele | Augmented Intelligence: A Solution Launched By Iadvize

Mayur Rele: The use of technology all over the world is increasing at a great speed and it’s quite fascinating. One of the most popular technologies leading the world at this moment is Augmented intelligence which is launched by iAdvize, a leading conversational marketing platform. Brands and their customers exchange many messages on the iAdvize platform every day and the platform helps many brands and online retailers to improve customer experience. With an increase in online conversations since the beginning of the pandemic, iAdviz has announced the launching of an Augmented Intelligence solution which make use of Artificial and human intelligence and combine it into a messaging system which makes brands and online retailers fully understand their customers, know what they want and also reply them effectively.

Augmented intelligence is majorly used to improve human decision-making by accumulating a wide range of data from many sources which is used to predict customer’s preferences. The iAdvize Augmented intelligence is used to analyze human conversation on the online platform and try to know the intention of the customer. This help many brands and online retailers to easily identify their potential customer without wasting much time. This new solution combines the strength of a machine with human intelligence when surveying value from a customer’s data which means you can predict a customer’s preference by using smart algorithms that gives immediate data-driven predictive insights.

Read on as Mayur Rele a cloud security expert who has experience in overseeing global technology in e-commerce, healthcare, and technology companies take us through an Augmented Intelligence solution launched by iAdvize to improve e-commerce brand conversation

How does Augmented intelligence improve e-commerce brand conversation?

Recognition of potential customers

With the development of Augmented intelligence by iAdvize, many brands and online retailers will be able to separate people that only check their products online and those that want to purchase them. This will help them to know how to respond to individual customers and also offer them the best customer experience while minimizing individual conversation.

Access to brand expert

After identifying potential customers through prediction and conversation analyzes, the iAdvize conversation platform will provide an option of live chat to the customers, a place where they have the opportunity to chat with the brand expert and learn about the product. This live chat also helps to answer all their questions and eliminate any doubt about the product.

The use of human and artificial intelligence

Augmented intelligence captures all customer’s data and also analyze their online conversation. This is achieved through the collaboration of human intelligence and the use of learning machines, artificial intelligence, and other tools to automatically and continuously analyze many online conversations and draw out predictions and intentions of the conversations. Also, human expertise is added to improve understanding by training the intuition and judgment of the Augmented intelligence by iAdvize expert.

To improve customer’s conversation experience

Augmented intelligence is used in the iAdvize platform to improve customer’s experience at every stage of the shopping. This is achieved through the use of Augmented intelligence bots which is able to fully understand customer’s intentions and gives immediate answers to customer’s questions 24/7. The new solution also analyzes customer conversation history where it predicts customer’s intentions. Also, the conversation platform sends a customer’s requests to the best expert according to the customer’s conversation and availability.

Brand effectiveness

The iAdvize Augumenrd intelligence helps brands to know the intentions of their customers which makes them handle customers differently and also operate effectively.

Also, iAdvize Augmented intelligence does not replace human but rather transform how online retailers and brands deal with their customers and also increase shoppers engagement through the use of machine cognition to know behavioral data and predict customers intention.

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Mayur Rele | Covid-19 impact on Cyber Security

Mayur Rele: The Covid- 19 Pandemic has caused multisector devastation and transformation including the Cyber security sector. It is a unique phenomenon with a global impact which disrupted lifestyles permanently, forced corporates to shut down and shuttered people dreams forever. The Information Technology sector is the epicenter of these transformations as organizations are rushing to adopt online technology and integrate new innovations into their systems to maintain efficiency. As a result of this abrupt adoption of new applications, software’s and hardware’s, there was no enough time to put in place appropriate security measures. Organizations and individuals have therefore, installed insecure network systems which make them prone to cyber-attacks.

Changing situational factors

Increased dependency on Virtual technologies with little consideration to security implications which increase vulnerability. Social engineering criminals are identifying victims, impersonating trusted information sources and using advanced social engineering methodologies to make unauthorized access to individual and organization systems. Common crimes include scam documents and texts, photos and images to make victims fall into their traps. They send images with hidden malwares used for data mining and obtaining confidential data like passwords and financial information.

In response to changing situational factors, cybercriminals are diversifying their methodologies and they are aggressive to capitalize on the new opportunities presented by the Pandemic. Organizations and technology end-users have to therefore be vigilant to ensure that the digital space is safe and secure.

The Convergence of digital technology and computing

The world is trying to adjust to maintain constant communication without breaching travel and social distancing restrictions. There is a scramble for new innovations to make organizations operational and improve efficiency by embracing the “work from home” concept to decongest offices and production areas. The Virtual ecosystem is providing essential communication services, like updates, both local and international, online learning, social networking services and entertainment services like gaming. While social distancing, individuals are also using video communication and emails to receive and send emotional support.

Telework Software’s

Many organizations have adopted telework models for employees to be able to work and communicate remotely, without security considerations in place. Employers are unable to provide recommended security protections since they are far away and using insecure IOT devices and untrusted WI-FI Networks. With all that, there is no time to educate employees on protection measures like how to avoid possible attacks or detect them before they happen.

Cybercrimes as the new threat

Even before the Covid- 19 Pandemic, Cyber security was a multisector threat affecting organizations, industries, governments and to larger extent individuals. Corporates want to increase their productivity and efficiency and therefore they are not hesitant to adopt every new innovation in the market. With such aggressiveness, there is little concern to security, although firms are trying to invest in the security of their systems, the rate is not proportional to the vulnerabilities. Hackers are very keen to identify such loopholes and take advantage of them with devastating consequences. Cybercrime is therefore a new societal problem the mankind has to deal with


Covid -19 themed Scams

These kind of crimes are designed to exploit the growing dependency on online communication networks and systems. Google had earlier reported a rapid increase in Covid 19 related message spams in addition to increased Phishing and Hacking attacks. Malicious websites with names bearing Corona and Covid 19 in their domains had been registered. Innocent citizens are unable to differentiate between which sites are a credible source of information or services. Such sites, lure people to sign up on their platform in which they use to harvest passwords and confidential data. Since people are more likely to use one email account for multiple sign ups, information provided can be used to access personal data and possibly lead to losing money to fraudsters.

Emotional vulnerabilities

Cyber criminals are exploiting people’s emotional instability caused by the disruptions and frustrations of the Pandemic. End –users provide the weakest link to cyber-attacks as they always fall prey to crafty fraudsters with complex social engineering techniques. Individuals therefore cannot easily detect possible attacks. The Pandemic has provided a context in which Crimes are effortlessly committed.

With the Pandemic, Cybercrime has evolved in its dynamic to capture the available opportunities both at personal level and by targeting large corporate and government institutions. The Pandemic has created a favorable context in which Crimes are committed. Cyber-attacks are occurring at catastrophic rates making it an imminent threat to companies, governments and individuals. It is therefore, recommendable for organizations to increase their investment on research and security proportionately to the sectors growth.

Mayur Rele: Finally, to ensure a long-term solution, the public must be educated on ways to detect and actions to take when they feel their systems have been compromised. Cyber Security is the responsibility of everybody be it corporates, institutions, governments and individuals.

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Quantum Technology In Cybersecurity

Mayur Rele: Quantum computing marks a new generation that will potentially revolutionize cybersecurity. The advancement in technology will possibly render the existing methods of encryption outdated. For this reason, data will be exposed or left open to interception awaiting improved methods of decryption to be developed. Hence, future data security is dependent on quantum key distribution.

Quantum key distribution maintains secure communication through use of quantum mechanics. This approach allows for production of a random secret key that is shared by two parties only known to them. Thereafter, messages between the two users can be converted and deciphered using that random secret key.

Quantum Technology unleashes a New World of Technology


Quantum key distribution is a future key technology that will maintain data confidentiality and privacy. This offers the top and sole absolute secure method of encrypting data. The reason for this is that the advancement in technology does not render laws of quantum mechanics vulnerable. The amazing implications of quantum technology imply that quantum-secured messages are protected from eavesdropping. Quantum key distribution is able to encrypt several data transfers including government, corporate or private use. A global quantum network is what the future of technology looks like as quantum key distribution channels will be developed within various communication channels.

How quantum Technology Works

Quantum key distribution allows for the production of a random secret key from a diminutive, pre-shared verification password and an open swap between two users. Quantum key distribution accomplishes two necessities of protected security. First, a quantum arbitrary number generator generates a truly random bit sequence, which is employed as a one-time cushion encryption key. Second, it enables authenticated users to safely exchange the encryption key.


The law of mechanics forms a tool used by quantum key distribution to protect an encryption key shared between authenticated users. The key is denoted as a dual bit sequence, which becomes incoherent when combined with sensitive data. Since the key is random and secure, an eavesdropper is unable to obtain data from it when they steal encrypted data. Moreover, quantum particles comprising single photons of light act as data carriers forming the encryption key. These quantum particles will then behave in a manner that privatizes data.

Mayur Rele : Any attempt to compute or copy the information that the quantum particle carries before the recipient gets it indicates a high error rate to the authenticated users during transmission. In case of such notification, the users can do away with the key and start the process all over again. There is no harm discarding the intercepted key since it is not used to encrypt sensitive data.

Conclusively, quantum technology denotes a paradigm move in computation. We look forward to a fascinating future of technology surfaced by quantum computers. Quantum computing is a game- changer for cybersecurity as it offers a faster way of protecting data. This technology has the potential to revolutionize computation by enabling specific kinds of typically difficult problems to be solved. This promises a great future of technology where data security will be more enhanced.

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