Mayur Rele’s Top 10 Photo Shoot Ideas To Ignite Your Creativity

Sometimes, it is easier to get stuck in the routine and require a little push to strike the imaginations. Whether you are still confined to your four walls or you are already up and about due to the ease in lockdown, have some fun with these photo shoot ideas and come up with something different you will love. Cybersecurity expert Mayur Rele who is also passionate about photography shares awesome tips, tricks, and ideas for you to get started. 

Make Children’s Photography An Hassle Free

Taking kid’s portraits especially if you have got exuberant ones that won’t just sit still for photos or get bored smiling at the camera can be a bit of a challenge. However, it doesn’t always have to be. Here’s the way to go about it

Have fun outdoors probably in the backyard and aim for their giggling, happy faces while they involve in their favorite activities. 

Get them to pose with their toys indoors or get them all dressed up for good candid shots. 

Have fun all the way and go with their mood and your skills. 

You Can Never Go Wrong With A Mirror Portrait

Mirror has always been a great way to get creative with photography. One good thing about this photo is you have unlimited possibilities and can he took whether indoors or outdoors. Only understand the portraits you are aiming to shoot to determine how to go about shooting. Get your props ready, dress up, and have fun. 

Here’s it: use a good amount of light.

Play around with multiple mirrors for surreal effects. 

You can also take photos of yourself and your reflection or as a photographer, you and your model. The bottom line is, take your portrait to the next level with the simplest mirror. 

Play Around With Water

As much as it is tempting to go out to capture those drops when it’s raining, going out to take pictures in the rain is not always a good idea for your gear. The good news is you can always go out after the rain for a great photoshoot

“The puddles for instance can serve as a reflection. Pay attention to the angles and get creative with the puddles. If it’s isn’t raining in your area, you can still get some rain effects even when the sun is shining brightly outdoor. Using Photoshop has been a simple way to go about it. And if you don’t mind getting messy and you are in for some splash, try some water spray on your window to create raindrops effects,” says Mayur Rele.  

Use Your Bath For Magical Photos

Staying safe at home? Here is a fun photoshoot to do to distress from work from home, have a great time with the kids, and even get them clean. If you do not have the luxury of a swimming pool, a bath will do as well. Get the kids playing with all the bubbles of water for interesting photos. 

Moreover, bomb bath photos are also great ideas for adults. Submerged yourself or your model in milk baths for awesome photos. The good thing is milk contains great properties for clean, youthful skin. Smooth photos, clean youthful skin, all while igniting your imaginations. One more thing with bath, go wild and bold by adding colors in the water. They are safe and perfect for those magical photos.

Get Dramatic With Fog

Winter is here and it’s that time of the year to get creative with what mother nature has blessed us with. Whether you want a fairy tale or a smoky artistic work, mist, fogs, haze can create a picture-perfect misty atmosphere. Go out, find the fog, and take those pictures. ‘A good rule of thumb is to take it very early in the morning before sunrise or in the evening after sunset.’ Mayur Rele concludes.

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Portrait Portography Perfect Photoshoot Through Facetime With Mayur Rele

As the covid 19 hit a hard blow resulting in a total lockdown and the social distancing becoming the new norm, creative photographers and businesses are maximizing on their creative minds to discover new ways to keep up and still stay in the in-game. Many have successfully been able to keep soul, mind, and sanity together by showcasing their creativeness and making things work. This makes taking portrait pictures through facetime the new rave in the internet world. You don’t need much. Call up a friend or professional, explore your creative side, and have fun with poses. Get them to take fun-banging photos of you that can even beat selfie ones. Plus, with social distancing still in place, it’s a fun way to keep that human touch. How do you get started? Here, Mayur Rele, a cybersecurity expert with a great passion for photography walks explains how you can get creative with facetime and take perfect portraits. 

Here are things shared by Mayur Rele that you need to consider if you are ready to explore a facetime photoshoot::

You need to be running iOS 11 

“One of the brighter sides of this lockdown is the fact that I have been able to explore and take pictures of loved ones and different people across the globe while being confined to the four walls of my home. I have come up with striking images in all their face-time glory and this is an absolute game-changer especially when the need to keep stress and boredom at bay during this time becomes a necessity.” Mayur Rele says. 

However, this will require you and your subject to be running on the newer Ios. you can make use of MacBook and you both must have FaceTime live photos enabled in the settings. There is an onscreen button that has a shutter icon that you can use to take photos. And no! You do not need to be a professional to take this portrait. Remember, you just want to bring out your creative side, have fun and you might end up stumbling upon great ideas you can recreate with the proper camera later on. 

You need good lighting condition

When it comes to taking awesome photos, good lighting is key. Natural lights are soft, diffused, and it’s always the best. If you have a window with sunlight seeping in, look for a spot near it and get creative with sunlight kissing your face.  You can also get creative with partial side lighting by hanging your face on one side or another.  Or when the sun is also going down and it’s the welcome of the golden hour, take advantage of it. Plus, there are a lot of things in the houses such as the drapes, your TV or computer, or even bedsheet that can provide awesome lighting than you can ever imagine. 

You need to find the right location

What backgrounds and props are available? Your living space, yard, garden, plants, furniture,  a blank wall space, take a good look at your home and see what you can work with. Know what you are going for, the background, the clothes, props, and background available. This will set the tone and the vibe of the picture. If you are going for intimate, cozy vibes, get creative with your couch or the bed. If you are going for a simple, classic look, solid color background is a good option. 

You can  use a tripod for stability 

Mayur Rele says: You can be having difficulty propping up your phone, this is where a smartphone tripod comes in handy for stability and to ensure the model poses for pictures without having to deal with the phone falling off. However, this is not really compulsory and you can still come up with great photos making use of anything around the house, chairs, computers, plants, or any other objects around. 

Lastly, explore and enjoy it. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

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