Ways To Backup Your Photos with Mayur Rele

We all love to record and keep our favorite moments. The ones we spend with our loved ones, business associates, and alone on a trip. Hence, the reasons why we keep those memories safe for many years. Everyone is always looking for ways to ensure their photos are secure and if you are a photographer, it is important to pay more attention and learn how to backup your photos. This is because photography is invaluable and having a backup can greatly help you in many circumstances. 

Why It Is Necessary To Backup Your Photos?

We’ve all heard stories of great disappointment and devastating moments because people lose their photos. Imagine having a big wedding, project, portfolio, or conference only to realize you don’t have any photos to keep the memory. “Losing them can be daunting and recovery can be expensive, stressful, and time-consuming. This is why it is important to always back up your photos. And if you are a photographer, it is very dangerous and you might lose potential customers if you don’t back up your photos,” Mayur Rele, a cybersecurity expert with a great passion for photography explains 

Many people only backup their photos on their computer hard drive but the hard drive can get damaged accidentally leading to a total loss of photos. Therefore, it is important to save your photos on different platforms. Google photos and iCloud are also some of the safest places to backup your photo and you can also consider making a hard copy of them. Read on as Mayur Rele shares tips on ways to backup your photos. 

Use An External Hard Drive

One of the best and simplest ways to keep your pictures safe is by transferring them to an external hard drive. A computer hard drive can save your picture but it’s risky as it may damage anything therefore, an external hard drive is a better alternative.   

Save It On Your Cloud Devices

“Over the years, there have been big developments in technology, and many changes have been made to back up data. Many business owners and companies now save their data on Cloud devices as it is considered safer and you can also do the same,” Mayur Rele explains.  Cloud devices give you the opportunity to be able to access your picture anywhere you are in the world and also protect it from human and environmental damage. It also makes it easy to backup pictures from your android and IOS as well as your desktop which provides additional security for your photos while organizing them. Companies like Apple, Google, and many more offer cloud-based storage where you can keep your pictures on your server and download them anytime you need them. And you can also access this storage from your desktops and smartphones. 

Keep It On Recordable Medias

Recording media such as Secure Digitals, DVDs, and CDs are storage devices you can use to save your pictures. These media are very affordable and have a lot of space. It can be used to save vacation, conference, or family photos for a long period. Even if you have cloud storage and external hard disc, recording media is also a great idea for saving your pictures. This physical disc should be stored in a safe place and can be sent to your friend and family that are far away. 

Print Out Your Pictures

Another best way to backup your pictures is by printing them out and keeping the hard copy with you. Although, it might seem outdated but very helpful when you lose your digital pictures. It can be scanned again, change to a digital format, and also save on your external hard disc and your computer hard disc.  

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Mayur Rele Explain Amazing Photos Tips with Smartphone

With the constant development of technology, everyone around the world now uses a smartphone and it goes beyond just using it to make calls and send messages. It is now a go-to device for capturing memories and taking amazing pictures. Smartphone cameras are improving every time which makes them easy to access and use for professional pictures. From documenting events, taking photos for your social media and website, business promotion shots, magazines cover pictures, to blogging, the list is endless. And you will be surprised how good your videos and pictures look when you take them with your smartphone camera. However,  you may not get the best photo or shoot an amazing video if you don’t know how to use it properly. Although the latest smartphone has a highly improved camera when compared to the old models, nevertheless, you can still make good use of it if you have the right knowledge. Read on as Mayur Rele, a cybersecurity expert who has a passion for photography shares tips on ways to backup your photos.

Understand your smartphone camera

Start by understanding your smartphone camera and know what it can do. Experiment with the auto mode, check out its focus, lens, sensor size, and many more. Also, analyze the settings, its shutter speed, and other tools. This will give you a better understanding of your camera and also helps you to take better pictures.

Stabilize your hand

Stability is an important part when taking pictures or video. An unstable hand can make the photo blurry which is unsatisfying. Although many smartphone cameras have optical image stabilizer which helps to stabilize your pictures, however, your need to also do your part to avoid blurry photos.

Experiment with natural light

Natural light speaks volume and add extra shine to your photos. Glaring light from one source does not always bring out the beauty of your pictures when compared to diffused light coming from multiple sources. Instead of depending on your camera light to illuminate your pictures, try using other sources of light. Experiment with sunlight, indoor light, stars, or candlelight depending on how creative you are.

Move close to your subject

“The best way to get a close picture and capture the personality of your subject is by moving closer to your subject,” says Mayur Rele. Fill the picture with your subject unless you want to focus on something else in your background.  Moving close to your subject also helps to capture your subject special features such as dimples, freckles, and many more.  However, do not be too close as it can come out looking blurry.

Ditch the zooming feature

It’s often tempting to use the zoom feature when you are taking pictures from a distance but you want to capture a specific subject. It is better not to zoom your subject as it often makes the picture pixelated or grainy.  Instead, try to move closer to get a perfect picture. And if your subject is a wild animal or something dangerous, you can take it from anywhere you then crop it later. This will help you not to compromise the quality of the picture and also play around with different backgrounds. Also, using your camera’s zoom to simulate getting closer to your subject can lower the resolution dramatically and won’t look good if you decide to print the image larger later.

Use a tripod stand

A tripod stand helps you snap pictures and make videos with better balance and stability especially if you also want to be in the picture or video. It is great for a hand-free shot and it can also bend to any angle which allows you to snap from multiple angles. Moreso, it is affordable, lightweight, and very accessible.

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