Mayur Rele Explain Python As A Preferable Language For Machine Learning


Machine Learning is a branch of computer science that uses a computer system to analyze data and learn from the experience by predicting the outcome. It can also be called an artificial intelligence that extracts patterns out of raw data using an algorithm. When it comes to Machine Learning language, Python has won the heart of programmers over the years due to its simplicity and consistency. 

Benefit of machine learning

As the world develops, newer technologies like Artificial Intelligence are on the high rise. “Although AI hasn’t surpassed human intelligence but with Machine Learning, decisions based on data can be made with efficiency. While we cannot do without human intelligence, we still need to solve bigger problems with efficiency at a huge scale, hence the need for Machine Learning,” says Mayur Rele, a cybersecurity expert. 

Machine Learning is needed in various industries like the financial industry where a huge amount of diverse data and records are dealt with. Advanced algorithms are encouraged for share trading, credit approval, and detection of fraud. Also in a medical line, advanced algorithms are used for quick processing, recognizing more patterns, development of drugs, and early detection of disease.  

Python benefit for machine learning

Python is a popular programming language that possesses high readability and clarity of source code. It is best for a novice programmer, simple to use, possess multiple applications, secure, and has multiple communities.

It’s no surprise Python is the most used language for Machine Learning. Mayur Rele explains features of python that make it more preferred to other languages for Machine Learning.

1. Easy and fast prototyping 

Python has an easy and fast prototype which makes it useful for developing a new algorithm. This type of feature makes it a choice of Machine Learning.

2. Great collection of inbuilt libraries 

With its extensive and powerful packages, it has made it easy to use across various domains and industries. Packages like pandas, NumPy, scipy, scikit-learn, and so on are parts of python features. 

Implementing a Machine Learning algorithm requires a lot of time and can be tricky, therefore it’s important to have a well-tested and well-structured environment, to help developers with the best coding solutions. With the extensive set of libraries for artificial intelligence, you can develop your product faster using python.

3. Multipurpose language

Machine learning projects have many domains like data manipulation, data analysis, data extractions, modeling, evaluation, features extraction, deployment, and solution update. With python being one language for many domains, it helps to address the Machine Learning domain from a common platform. The python independence platform has helped a lot of developers to implement it on one machine and use them on another machine with no or minimal changes. Platforms like Linux, Windows, and macOS have been a great support for python. The code can be used to create executable stand-alone programs for a common operating system. 

4. Collaboration

Machine Learning needs good collaboration and python features provide many useful tools for collaboration and usage.

5. Simplicity and consistency

With its easy learning, python has been the best language programming for new developers. Python codes are readable and concise. Its simplicity allows developers to write reliable systems.

6. Popularity and great community

As the top ten most popular programming languages, you can hire a development company to build your AI-based project. Python developer survey 2017 observed that python is commonly used for web development. The Python AI community has grown and keeps growing across the globe, hence you can find advice from developers who have dealt with the same problem. Therefore, you can easily approach a python community for best solutions to your needs.

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Mayur Rele’s Top 10 Photo Shoot Ideas To Ignite Your Creativity

Sometimes, it is easier to get stuck in the routine and require a little push to strike the imaginations. Whether you are still confined to your four walls or you are already up and about due to the ease in lockdown, have some fun with these photo shoot ideas and come up with something different you will love. Cybersecurity expert Mayur Rele who is also passionate about photography shares awesome tips, tricks, and ideas for you to get started. 

Make Children’s Photography An Hassle Free

Taking kid’s portraits especially if you have got exuberant ones that won’t just sit still for photos or get bored smiling at the camera can be a bit of a challenge. However, it doesn’t always have to be. Here’s the way to go about it

Have fun outdoors probably in the backyard and aim for their giggling, happy faces while they involve in their favorite activities. 

Get them to pose with their toys indoors or get them all dressed up for good candid shots. 

Have fun all the way and go with their mood and your skills. 

You Can Never Go Wrong With A Mirror Portrait

Mirror has always been a great way to get creative with photography. One good thing about this photo is you have unlimited possibilities and can he took whether indoors or outdoors. Only understand the portraits you are aiming to shoot to determine how to go about shooting. Get your props ready, dress up, and have fun. 

Here’s it: use a good amount of light.

Play around with multiple mirrors for surreal effects. 

You can also take photos of yourself and your reflection or as a photographer, you and your model. The bottom line is, take your portrait to the next level with the simplest mirror. 

Play Around With Water

As much as it is tempting to go out to capture those drops when it’s raining, going out to take pictures in the rain is not always a good idea for your gear. The good news is you can always go out after the rain for a great photoshoot

“The puddles for instance can serve as a reflection. Pay attention to the angles and get creative with the puddles. If it’s isn’t raining in your area, you can still get some rain effects even when the sun is shining brightly outdoor. Using Photoshop has been a simple way to go about it. And if you don’t mind getting messy and you are in for some splash, try some water spray on your window to create raindrops effects,” says Mayur Rele.  

Use Your Bath For Magical Photos

Staying safe at home? Here is a fun photoshoot to do to distress from work from home, have a great time with the kids, and even get them clean. If you do not have the luxury of a swimming pool, a bath will do as well. Get the kids playing with all the bubbles of water for interesting photos. 

Moreover, bomb bath photos are also great ideas for adults. Submerged yourself or your model in milk baths for awesome photos. The good thing is milk contains great properties for clean, youthful skin. Smooth photos, clean youthful skin, all while igniting your imaginations. One more thing with bath, go wild and bold by adding colors in the water. They are safe and perfect for those magical photos.

Get Dramatic With Fog

Winter is here and it’s that time of the year to get creative with what mother nature has blessed us with. Whether you want a fairy tale or a smoky artistic work, mist, fogs, haze can create a picture-perfect misty atmosphere. Go out, find the fog, and take those pictures. ‘A good rule of thumb is to take it very early in the morning before sunrise or in the evening after sunset.’ Mayur Rele concludes.

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Ways To Backup Your Photos with Mayur Rele

We all love to record and keep our favorite moments. The ones we spend with our loved ones, business associates, and alone on a trip. Hence, the reasons why we keep those memories safe for many years. Everyone is always looking for ways to ensure their photos are secure and if you are a photographer, it is important to pay more attention and learn how to backup your photos. This is because photography is invaluable and having a backup can greatly help you in many circumstances. 

Why It Is Necessary To Backup Your Photos?

We’ve all heard stories of great disappointment and devastating moments because people lose their photos. Imagine having a big wedding, project, portfolio, or conference only to realize you don’t have any photos to keep the memory. “Losing them can be daunting and recovery can be expensive, stressful, and time-consuming. This is why it is important to always back up your photos. And if you are a photographer, it is very dangerous and you might lose potential customers if you don’t back up your photos,” Mayur Rele, a cybersecurity expert with a great passion for photography explains 

Many people only backup their photos on their computer hard drive but the hard drive can get damaged accidentally leading to a total loss of photos. Therefore, it is important to save your photos on different platforms. Google photos and iCloud are also some of the safest places to backup your photo and you can also consider making a hard copy of them. Read on as Mayur Rele shares tips on ways to backup your photos. 

Use An External Hard Drive

One of the best and simplest ways to keep your pictures safe is by transferring them to an external hard drive. A computer hard drive can save your picture but it’s risky as it may damage anything therefore, an external hard drive is a better alternative.   

Save It On Your Cloud Devices

“Over the years, there have been big developments in technology, and many changes have been made to back up data. Many business owners and companies now save their data on Cloud devices as it is considered safer and you can also do the same,” Mayur Rele explains.  Cloud devices give you the opportunity to be able to access your picture anywhere you are in the world and also protect it from human and environmental damage. It also makes it easy to backup pictures from your android and IOS as well as your desktop which provides additional security for your photos while organizing them. Companies like Apple, Google, and many more offer cloud-based storage where you can keep your pictures on your server and download them anytime you need them. And you can also access this storage from your desktops and smartphones. 

Keep It On Recordable Medias

Recording media such as Secure Digitals, DVDs, and CDs are storage devices you can use to save your pictures. These media are very affordable and have a lot of space. It can be used to save vacation, conference, or family photos for a long period. Even if you have cloud storage and external hard disc, recording media is also a great idea for saving your pictures. This physical disc should be stored in a safe place and can be sent to your friend and family that are far away. 

Print Out Your Pictures

Another best way to backup your pictures is by printing them out and keeping the hard copy with you. Although, it might seem outdated but very helpful when you lose your digital pictures. It can be scanned again, change to a digital format, and also save on your external hard disc and your computer hard disc.  

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Mayur Rele Explain Amazing Photos Tips with Smartphone

With the constant development of technology, everyone around the world now uses a smartphone and it goes beyond just using it to make calls and send messages. It is now a go-to device for capturing memories and taking amazing pictures. Smartphone cameras are improving every time which makes them easy to access and use for professional pictures. From documenting events, taking photos for your social media and website, business promotion shots, magazines cover pictures, to blogging, the list is endless. And you will be surprised how good your videos and pictures look when you take them with your smartphone camera. However,  you may not get the best photo or shoot an amazing video if you don’t know how to use it properly. Although the latest smartphone has a highly improved camera when compared to the old models, nevertheless, you can still make good use of it if you have the right knowledge. Read on as Mayur Rele, a cybersecurity expert who has a passion for photography shares tips on ways to backup your photos.

Understand your smartphone camera

Start by understanding your smartphone camera and know what it can do. Experiment with the auto mode, check out its focus, lens, sensor size, and many more. Also, analyze the settings, its shutter speed, and other tools. This will give you a better understanding of your camera and also helps you to take better pictures.

Stabilize your hand

Stability is an important part when taking pictures or video. An unstable hand can make the photo blurry which is unsatisfying. Although many smartphone cameras have optical image stabilizer which helps to stabilize your pictures, however, your need to also do your part to avoid blurry photos.

Experiment with natural light

Natural light speaks volume and add extra shine to your photos. Glaring light from one source does not always bring out the beauty of your pictures when compared to diffused light coming from multiple sources. Instead of depending on your camera light to illuminate your pictures, try using other sources of light. Experiment with sunlight, indoor light, stars, or candlelight depending on how creative you are.

Move close to your subject

“The best way to get a close picture and capture the personality of your subject is by moving closer to your subject,” says Mayur Rele. Fill the picture with your subject unless you want to focus on something else in your background.  Moving close to your subject also helps to capture your subject special features such as dimples, freckles, and many more.  However, do not be too close as it can come out looking blurry.

Ditch the zooming feature

It’s often tempting to use the zoom feature when you are taking pictures from a distance but you want to capture a specific subject. It is better not to zoom your subject as it often makes the picture pixelated or grainy.  Instead, try to move closer to get a perfect picture. And if your subject is a wild animal or something dangerous, you can take it from anywhere you then crop it later. This will help you not to compromise the quality of the picture and also play around with different backgrounds. Also, using your camera’s zoom to simulate getting closer to your subject can lower the resolution dramatically and won’t look good if you decide to print the image larger later.

Use a tripod stand

A tripod stand helps you snap pictures and make videos with better balance and stability especially if you also want to be in the picture or video. It is great for a hand-free shot and it can also bend to any angle which allows you to snap from multiple angles. Moreso, it is affordable, lightweight, and very accessible.

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Portrait Portography Perfect Photoshoot Through Facetime With Mayur Rele

As the covid 19 hit a hard blow resulting in a total lockdown and the social distancing becoming the new norm, creative photographers and businesses are maximizing on their creative minds to discover new ways to keep up and still stay in the in-game. Many have successfully been able to keep soul, mind, and sanity together by showcasing their creativeness and making things work. This makes taking portrait pictures through facetime the new rave in the internet world. You don’t need much. Call up a friend or professional, explore your creative side, and have fun with poses. Get them to take fun-banging photos of you that can even beat selfie ones. Plus, with social distancing still in place, it’s a fun way to keep that human touch. How do you get started? Here, Mayur Rele, a cybersecurity expert with a great passion for photography walks explains how you can get creative with facetime and take perfect portraits. 

Here are things shared by Mayur Rele that you need to consider if you are ready to explore a facetime photoshoot::

You need to be running iOS 11 

“One of the brighter sides of this lockdown is the fact that I have been able to explore and take pictures of loved ones and different people across the globe while being confined to the four walls of my home. I have come up with striking images in all their face-time glory and this is an absolute game-changer especially when the need to keep stress and boredom at bay during this time becomes a necessity.” Mayur Rele says. 

However, this will require you and your subject to be running on the newer Ios. you can make use of MacBook and you both must have FaceTime live photos enabled in the settings. There is an onscreen button that has a shutter icon that you can use to take photos. And no! You do not need to be a professional to take this portrait. Remember, you just want to bring out your creative side, have fun and you might end up stumbling upon great ideas you can recreate with the proper camera later on. 

You need good lighting condition

When it comes to taking awesome photos, good lighting is key. Natural lights are soft, diffused, and it’s always the best. If you have a window with sunlight seeping in, look for a spot near it and get creative with sunlight kissing your face.  You can also get creative with partial side lighting by hanging your face on one side or another.  Or when the sun is also going down and it’s the welcome of the golden hour, take advantage of it. Plus, there are a lot of things in the houses such as the drapes, your TV or computer, or even bedsheet that can provide awesome lighting than you can ever imagine. 

You need to find the right location

What backgrounds and props are available? Your living space, yard, garden, plants, furniture,  a blank wall space, take a good look at your home and see what you can work with. Know what you are going for, the background, the clothes, props, and background available. This will set the tone and the vibe of the picture. If you are going for intimate, cozy vibes, get creative with your couch or the bed. If you are going for a simple, classic look, solid color background is a good option. 

You can  use a tripod for stability 

Mayur Rele says: You can be having difficulty propping up your phone, this is where a smartphone tripod comes in handy for stability and to ensure the model poses for pictures without having to deal with the phone falling off. However, this is not really compulsory and you can still come up with great photos making use of anything around the house, chairs, computers, plants, or any other objects around. 

Lastly, explore and enjoy it. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

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Be Aware Of New Whatsapp Scam: Mayur Rele

Whatsapp Hacks

Whatsapp is an application that allows users to send text messages, make voice and audio calls, share locations, images, and documents. The use of technology also comes with great responsibilities such as securing your privacy, avoiding scammer, and many more which are greatly common in globally used platforms such as Whatsapp.  The app owned by Facebook has recently been targeted by scammers and hackers to get user’s one-time verification code and gain access to their contacts. 

The mission of these cybercriminals is to gain access to user’s accounts illegally by using their verification code. They target Whatsapp because they can get a lot of information from people’s conversations. Unfortunately, these scammers often come in disguise acting as a member of the Whatsapp technical team, a family member, or friends while asking users to send their Whatsapp verification code in a friendly manner.  Hence, their target gets to receive messages in many cases comes from a friend or family’s Whatsapp number instead of the imposter number. This makes many users fall victim and gladly give out their one-time Whatsapp verification code. Also, they told them it’s an emergency or they want to use it to activate their account.

Read on as Mayur Rele a cybersecurity expert who has great experience in global technology and cloud automation takes us through how cybercriminals take over your contacts and access your messages. 

The WABetaInfo received an inquiry messenger from a user about a suspicious message from another user who posed as Whatsapp’s technical team. In the message, the user was asked to send a verification code which is often received while activating your Whatsapp account on a new device. A one-time password is often asked before using Whatsapp every time a user register with a new device. This verification process is very important and initiated by Whatsapp to curb any form of cybercriminals and also block hackers from accessing user’s accounts.

WABetaInfo has announced that Whatsapp does not send messages to their user through their officially Whastapp account and if they want to send a message it will be through their verified account. Their official verified account can be recognized by looking for a green tick beside the name of the account.  They also claim they never ask users for personal information such as their verification code for any reason. The good news is the Whatsapp technical team has assured users they can retrieve their account after falling into the trap of scammers and losing their account. Although Whatsapp is working on providing support for multiple devices in the future, however, it can only be used on a single device now.  

The hackers often ask for the one-time verification code sent to your number and once you send it to them you will automatically be blocked from using your account and the hackers take total control of your account. This allows the scammers to misuse all the information on your Whatsapp. They often use the account to get your family or friend’s Whatsapp verification code or collect important information that is supposed to be private. 

Mayur Rele: Therefore, anytime you receive such suspicious messages, it is important to immediately reach out to the owner through voice or video call to confirm if the message is coming from them. Also, you should never share your six-digit Whatsapp verification code with anyone. If the message is coming from an unknown number, it is better ignored to and not get yourself entangled in any illegal activity. You are also advised to turn on your Two-factor authentication process on your Whatsapp, this protects your Whatsapp by a PIN from any form of cybercriminal activities that a scammer might want to carry out on your Whatsapp account.  

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5 Top Photography Hacks with Mayur Rele

They say a man photographs that which he holds dear to his heart. To some it’s a beloved one, without whom life would just be an incomplete journey, or a piece of nature that intrigues them enough to the point of always eyeing it like the most precious out gem of all, or maybe it’s something in the dark that mysteriously draws you over towards it, like a lake of ice, nothing but danger yet it’s anxious and enchanting calls are worth the risk or on the quite contrary, the light that fills you with thoughts of a beautiful future, that ignites a new spark of fresh hope. Whatever it may be that catches your eye to the point it becomes a reflection of you, capturing it with your lenses and eyes is something that should hint you towards a side of yourself you never knew about- a photographer….

However, it can be quite a task when questioning yourself if photography is for you. For this very reason, with Mayur Rele who’s at the top of his game and owning the league in it all, is here to tell you if photography might be ‘your thing’.

1. You feel incomplete without a camera

Just out for some fresh air, feeling the wind caress your hair and filling your lungs with a new breath, the cool breeze envelopes you in a hug as you look towards the open skies, how could this not be inspiring enough to not capture the whole aura and beauty? Working on some reports in the café and it’s too tempting not to photograph that one lady who caught your eyes, identical to any other stranger yet so different. It feels incomplete to not click a picture. In fact you can feel the itch in your own hands fighting to get the camera. And when it doesn’t reach you, you can feel your heart sinking, the joy seeping out and disappointment approach you. By now, everyone knows you have a camera with you, ALWAYS and when you don’t, you feel incomplete.

2. Makeshift is Your Greatest Weapon

Okay, just the love of photography in you isn’t convincing enough to get a professional camera yet. There’s absolutely no way you could get your hands onto professional equipment as much as you’d like to, but that doesn’t limit you. Natural lighting, the right angles, perfect timing, and the scene scape is enough to give you the perfect click. You, somehow, make the best of what you have which doesn’t only make it work but rather work flawlessly to the point of perfection.

3. Literally Everything Inspires You

Alright, so that dying plant in the corner, it’s not it to you. It’s the portrayal of hope running out. How about your nephew’s toy truck he doesn’t play anymore. It’s a symbol of abandonment to you. Whatever it is, an unfinished artpeice, empty building, an empty street, even the box of cat litter, everything inspires you a bit too much. You want the world to feel the same emotion you felt while photographing it, even their own ones, to lead to a new storyline. Oh, and we’re not fibbing around with this one.

4.ZERO CAMERA BATTERY = mental, physical, emotional breakdown

Silent regrets for not recharging the battery, shrieks of frustration on battery running out a second before ‘the click’, disappointed, overwhelmed, and the feeling of purposelessness. Even though they may sound like a stretch to non-photographers, this is exactly what it feels like to the ones whose veins flow with a burning passion and devotion to photography, when the camera battery bails out on you.

5. YOU have an unlikely love for lenses, shutter sounds and camera designs

That pretty much sums it up. Like a man drunk in love, who notices the smallest things about the love of his life, smiles at the simple thought of here taking a stroll in the garden or her adjusting a rose in her hair, everything about photography psyches you out. Yup, even though you look like a psychopath trying to inhale the smell of your new camera, or dramatically wiping your tear and applauding on hearing the new features, it isn’t quite unusual to you.

If 14-year-olds with fancy equipment who only click selfies and your neighbor who insists photography isn’t a real career are on your hit list, you know what it means. Time to top the news headlines, I mean respond to your feelings for photography and confessing them by devoting yourself to it.

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Mayur Rele | Augmented Intelligence: A Solution Launched By Iadvize

Mayur Rele: The use of technology all over the world is increasing at a great speed and it’s quite fascinating. One of the most popular technologies leading the world at this moment is Augmented intelligence which is launched by iAdvize, a leading conversational marketing platform. Brands and their customers exchange many messages on the iAdvize platform every day and the platform helps many brands and online retailers to improve customer experience. With an increase in online conversations since the beginning of the pandemic, iAdviz has announced the launching of an Augmented Intelligence solution which make use of Artificial and human intelligence and combine it into a messaging system which makes brands and online retailers fully understand their customers, know what they want and also reply them effectively.

Augmented intelligence is majorly used to improve human decision-making by accumulating a wide range of data from many sources which is used to predict customer’s preferences. The iAdvize Augmented intelligence is used to analyze human conversation on the online platform and try to know the intention of the customer. This help many brands and online retailers to easily identify their potential customer without wasting much time. This new solution combines the strength of a machine with human intelligence when surveying value from a customer’s data which means you can predict a customer’s preference by using smart algorithms that gives immediate data-driven predictive insights.

Read on as Mayur Rele a cloud security expert who has experience in overseeing global technology in e-commerce, healthcare, and technology companies take us through an Augmented Intelligence solution launched by iAdvize to improve e-commerce brand conversation

How does Augmented intelligence improve e-commerce brand conversation?

Recognition of potential customers

With the development of Augmented intelligence by iAdvize, many brands and online retailers will be able to separate people that only check their products online and those that want to purchase them. This will help them to know how to respond to individual customers and also offer them the best customer experience while minimizing individual conversation.

Access to brand expert

After identifying potential customers through prediction and conversation analyzes, the iAdvize conversation platform will provide an option of live chat to the customers, a place where they have the opportunity to chat with the brand expert and learn about the product. This live chat also helps to answer all their questions and eliminate any doubt about the product.

The use of human and artificial intelligence

Augmented intelligence captures all customer’s data and also analyze their online conversation. This is achieved through the collaboration of human intelligence and the use of learning machines, artificial intelligence, and other tools to automatically and continuously analyze many online conversations and draw out predictions and intentions of the conversations. Also, human expertise is added to improve understanding by training the intuition and judgment of the Augmented intelligence by iAdvize expert.

To improve customer’s conversation experience

Augmented intelligence is used in the iAdvize platform to improve customer’s experience at every stage of the shopping. This is achieved through the use of Augmented intelligence bots which is able to fully understand customer’s intentions and gives immediate answers to customer’s questions 24/7. The new solution also analyzes customer conversation history where it predicts customer’s intentions. Also, the conversation platform sends a customer’s requests to the best expert according to the customer’s conversation and availability.

Brand effectiveness

The iAdvize Augumenrd intelligence helps brands to know the intentions of their customers which makes them handle customers differently and also operate effectively.

Also, iAdvize Augmented intelligence does not replace human but rather transform how online retailers and brands deal with their customers and also increase shoppers engagement through the use of machine cognition to know behavioral data and predict customers intention.

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Mayur Rele Solve The Cybersecurity Talent Gap

The cybersecurity talent gap is no secret and the demand for skilled cybersecurity workers continues to increase. With the development of new technology, there is an increase in cybercrime, and information security is high on every organization and business agenda. The current situation in the information technology industry shows that there are skills shortages all over the world. However, the growing rate of cyberattacks indicates that the demand for the cybersecurity profession is increasing at a fast rate than any other sector of the information technology market.

Cybersecurity requires longer hours than other technology sectors, with less room for mistakes. You have to study a lot of software and develop your technicals skills which can be very stressful. Also, cybersecurity is very demanding and you need to develop a great personality to be a professional. Therefore, many information technology candidates do not choose it as a career. This has created an unfilled cybersecurity job with no lasting solution in sight. Read on, as Mayur Rele, an expert in cloud automation and cybersecurity takes us through how to solve the cybersecurity talent gap.

Invest in your current cybersecurity employers

Research has shown that many organizations and business owners do not invest in their cybersecurity employers. We are not talking about the annual security awareness training but investing in improving the skills of your cybersecurity workforce. Organization and business owners should give incentives and contribute to programs such as reimbursement for certificates, training trips, an increase in salary, practical tests, promotions, and many more. They can also invest in cultural changes, and assist their employee to motivate their self-development plan. This will help them set their own professional goal which in turn benefits the organization. Therefore, the time, resources, and money most companies use in investing and hiring an external candidate can be used to invest in internal employers who are already familiar with the organization, their business tactics, and the tools used in the company.

Integrate consolidation tools

“Alert fatigue is a common occurrence in cybersecurity and it is increasing greatly because of the different numbers of technology tools used by every organization,” says Mayur Rele. “Therefore, instead of adding many tools, security infrastructure should be consolidated and simplified. Also, the tools must be integrated into a streamlined platform.”Mayur advises. Furthermore, each tool should be able to reduce risk, measure the reduced risk, and also sustain that reduction. It should also protect the organization from frequent cyberattacks.

The use of automation

One of the best ways to deal with the cybersecurity talent gap is through the use of automation. Automation helps you reduce human involvement and allows you to do more with lesser personnel. Automating everything that can be automated at every stage of your workflow gives you a quantifiable result. For this to happen, you need to have the right tools and be confident in it. Your tools must be 100% perfect for effective automation. Also, many web applications can help you remove every uncertainty at every step. Hence, bridging the cybersecurity talent gap can be achieved by using accurate automation in combination with a streamlined workflow. When you’re assertive about your automation result, you can easily automate your routine operation and allow your cybersecurity professions to focus on tasks that can only be carried out by humans.

Give your employers cybersecurity education

Everyone in all organization has their own email and use it to send companies data from one department to another. Phishing emails is one of the tools used by cybercriminals to take sensitive data from the organization. Therefore, many organization security is harmed by limiting the organization’s security responsibility to the cybersecurity team. Anyone handling the companies data is responsible for keeping cybersecurity threats at bay and specialized security functions should be the ones designated to the cybersecurity team. Every employer should be thought how to secure their email, educate them about cyberattacks, and how their impact can strengthen the organization’s security and vice versa.

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Mayur Rele | Covid-19 impact on Cyber Security

Mayur Rele: The Covid- 19 Pandemic has caused multisector devastation and transformation including the Cyber security sector. It is a unique phenomenon with a global impact which disrupted lifestyles permanently, forced corporates to shut down and shuttered people dreams forever. The Information Technology sector is the epicenter of these transformations as organizations are rushing to adopt online technology and integrate new innovations into their systems to maintain efficiency. As a result of this abrupt adoption of new applications, software’s and hardware’s, there was no enough time to put in place appropriate security measures. Organizations and individuals have therefore, installed insecure network systems which make them prone to cyber-attacks.

Changing situational factors

Increased dependency on Virtual technologies with little consideration to security implications which increase vulnerability. Social engineering criminals are identifying victims, impersonating trusted information sources and using advanced social engineering methodologies to make unauthorized access to individual and organization systems. Common crimes include scam documents and texts, photos and images to make victims fall into their traps. They send images with hidden malwares used for data mining and obtaining confidential data like passwords and financial information.

In response to changing situational factors, cybercriminals are diversifying their methodologies and they are aggressive to capitalize on the new opportunities presented by the Pandemic. Organizations and technology end-users have to therefore be vigilant to ensure that the digital space is safe and secure.

The Convergence of digital technology and computing

The world is trying to adjust to maintain constant communication without breaching travel and social distancing restrictions. There is a scramble for new innovations to make organizations operational and improve efficiency by embracing the “work from home” concept to decongest offices and production areas. The Virtual ecosystem is providing essential communication services, like updates, both local and international, online learning, social networking services and entertainment services like gaming. While social distancing, individuals are also using video communication and emails to receive and send emotional support.

Telework Software’s

Many organizations have adopted telework models for employees to be able to work and communicate remotely, without security considerations in place. Employers are unable to provide recommended security protections since they are far away and using insecure IOT devices and untrusted WI-FI Networks. With all that, there is no time to educate employees on protection measures like how to avoid possible attacks or detect them before they happen.

Cybercrimes as the new threat

Even before the Covid- 19 Pandemic, Cyber security was a multisector threat affecting organizations, industries, governments and to larger extent individuals. Corporates want to increase their productivity and efficiency and therefore they are not hesitant to adopt every new innovation in the market. With such aggressiveness, there is little concern to security, although firms are trying to invest in the security of their systems, the rate is not proportional to the vulnerabilities. Hackers are very keen to identify such loopholes and take advantage of them with devastating consequences. Cybercrime is therefore a new societal problem the mankind has to deal with


Covid -19 themed Scams

These kind of crimes are designed to exploit the growing dependency on online communication networks and systems. Google had earlier reported a rapid increase in Covid 19 related message spams in addition to increased Phishing and Hacking attacks. Malicious websites with names bearing Corona and Covid 19 in their domains had been registered. Innocent citizens are unable to differentiate between which sites are a credible source of information or services. Such sites, lure people to sign up on their platform in which they use to harvest passwords and confidential data. Since people are more likely to use one email account for multiple sign ups, information provided can be used to access personal data and possibly lead to losing money to fraudsters.

Emotional vulnerabilities

Cyber criminals are exploiting people’s emotional instability caused by the disruptions and frustrations of the Pandemic. End –users provide the weakest link to cyber-attacks as they always fall prey to crafty fraudsters with complex social engineering techniques. Individuals therefore cannot easily detect possible attacks. The Pandemic has provided a context in which Crimes are effortlessly committed.

With the Pandemic, Cybercrime has evolved in its dynamic to capture the available opportunities both at personal level and by targeting large corporate and government institutions. The Pandemic has created a favorable context in which Crimes are committed. Cyber-attacks are occurring at catastrophic rates making it an imminent threat to companies, governments and individuals. It is therefore, recommendable for organizations to increase their investment on research and security proportionately to the sectors growth.

Mayur Rele: Finally, to ensure a long-term solution, the public must be educated on ways to detect and actions to take when they feel their systems have been compromised. Cyber Security is the responsibility of everybody be it corporates, institutions, governments and individuals.

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